Young Talent Symposium 2020 on Monday, November 2nd


Time:  15:30 - 17:00.
Venue:  Online.



Keynote | Dirk Brockmann

A networks perspective on the COVID-19-pandemic

Dirk Brockmann is a German physicist and Professor at the Institute for Biology at Humboldt University of Berlin and the Rober Koch Institute in Berlin. He worked on a variety of topics ranging from computational neuroscience, anomalous diffusion, Levy flights, human mobility, computational epidemiology, and complex networks. He is currently heading the COVID-19 mobility project and will present a network perspective on the pandemic.

16:15 Young Talent Prize Ceremony

Young Talent | Clara Stegehuis

Motifs: where can we find them?

Subgraphs that appear more often than expected in a network, also called motifs, have proven important for understanding many types of real-world networks, from financial networks to social media. To find out which subgraphs appear more often than you would expect, the subgraph count in a data set is often compared to the subgraph count in a network null model. We therefore analyze all subgraph counts in such a network null model mathematically. Interestingly, by not only investigating subgraph counts but also their locations in the network, we find that most subgraphs only appear in very specific regions of the network model.

17:00 Closing

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